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Q: What is lebron James average rebounds per game?
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How many rebounds did Lebron James average in the 2009 season?

7.6 rebounds per game. career average of 7.0 rebounds per game. season high for '09 would be 15 rebounds. career high rebounding would be 19.

Which Cavs player holds the team record for the highest average of offensive rebounds per game?

Lebron James

How many points did LeBron James have in game 3 of the NBA finals?

James had 17 points, nine assists, three rebounds, and two steals

What is Lebron James' average points per game 2013?

32.3 points per game

Average rebounds rookie year for Kobe Bryant?

An Average of 1.9 Rebounds Per Game

Who average the most points per game in nba history?

lebron James with 35.1 points a game!

What are LeBron James stats?

After a regular season, he has the following stats; Games played: 81 (In all, he was a starter) Points per game: 28.4 (Second in NBA) Rebounds per game: 7.6 Assists per game 7.2

How many rebounds did Lebron James make in his first game?

25 points lebron scored more in his first game than koby in his first game: lebron scored 25 and koby scored 14 But Kobe is better

If you average 4 rebounds a game for 82 games how many rebounds is that?

4 x 82 = 328 total rebounds.

Who is better lebron or melo?

Lebron is way better they both joined the NBA the same year. Carmelo Gets more points per game, but Lebron beats him out in rebounds per game and assists per game. That is just how it is nuggets fans. :) :) :)

What was LeBron James rookie average?

LeBron James' point average is 32.3 per game.

Who scored the most points in NBA 2008 and what was the average score?

Lebron James, average pts 34.0 per game!