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If the ball hits the batsman's pad (on his leg) and is "hitting" the stumps (so if the batsman wasn't there, it would hit the stumps) then it is out.

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Q: What is lbw rule in cricket?
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What does the cricket term lbw mean?

LBW in terms of cricket means leg before wicket.

What Does LBW in cricket Stand For?

LBW stands for Leg Before Wicket.

What is the LBW term in cricket?

A batsman is given out LBW which means Leg Before Wicket.

In what sport is the term lbw used?

LBW - meaning 'Leg Before Wicket' is used in Cricket.

With which gamewould you associate the term LBW?

in the game of CRICKET,the tearm LBW is associated when the batsman takes his leg before the wicket,it is considered as LBW out.

What does LBW stand for in cricket?

Leg Before Wicket

What is fullform of lbw?

It is 'leg before wicket' in cricket.

What dose lbw stand for in cricket?

Leg before wicket

If batsman is out of crease then he is lbw out or not in cricket?

Its out if its on line with the stumps still out.

What is full form of lbw in cricket?

Leg before wickets

How do you play cricket for Australia?

thee same you play cricket in all the other countreis--- but they made this stupid rule that even if the lbw is hitting the wicket the ball still needs to come in line

Why is the lbw rule set in place in cricket?

To prevent the batsman to protect his wicket with his leg pads, forcing him to play at deliveries thereby allowing a chance for the bowling team to get him 'out'.

Does leg umpire can tell main umpire about lbw decisions that ball touched the batsman bat when batsman was declared as out as lbw?

yes, it's happened in cricket.

Name 3 ways of getting out at cricket?

bowled, caught, lbw, hit wicket, run out

Which bowler got most wickets through LBW?

In test cricket, it is Anil Kumble, who has taken 156 wickets through lbw, while in odi it is Wasim Akram, who had taken 92.

If the cricket ball hits the bat then goes onto the leg is it still LBW?

No. If the ball if the ball hits the bat and then goes onto the pad then the batsman cannot be out LBW. The umpire has to spot this of course.

In cricket can you get out lbw on your back leg?

yes....when the ball pitched in line and the back leg is straight enough to the stumps

What is the full form of LBW in a game of cricket?

LBW stands for Leg Before Wicket. In simple terms, the batsman is stood so that his leg(s) obscure all or part of the stumps. If the ball was bowled - and would have clearly hit the bales or stumps if the batsman wasn't there - he (or she) is given 'out LBW'

What does plum means in cricket?

If a batsman is clearly LBW and there is no doubt regarding the decision, then it is said that the batsman is 'plumb' leg before

What is lbw?

lbw stands for leg before wicket

What do the letters LBW stand for?

LBW - Leg before wicket

What is the fullform of LBW?

LBW has the fullform leg before wicket

What is pad in cricket?

The 'Pad' in Cricket, is the protective object placed on from just above your foot to above your knee. When a ball hits the pad in from of the wicket this is known as LBW (Leg Before Wicket) which means, Your out!

What is a full form of lbw?

lbw stands for 'leg before wicket'

How you use mathematics in cricket?

you use mathematics for everything in cricket batting averages net run rate for predicting the trajectory of ball (hawk-eye) for lbw economy rates ,strike rates and so on