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In Basketball, lane shooting is taking shots from inside the free throw lane. This is usually difficult because of the number of defenders.

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Q: What is lane shooting in basketball?
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What is shooting - basketball?

Shooting in basketball is when you try to shoot the ball into the basket.

When did Lane Bryant shooting happen?

Lane Bryant shooting happened on 2008-02-02.

How far is top of key of basketball lane?

A team gets penalty in basketball when the other team's member tries to block the shoot of the first team's member just when he starts shooting. The blockage may be done by tapping on the ball or by any means.

What are standard shooting lane widths for indoor shooting ranges?


How do you get a point in basketball?

You get a point by shooting the basketball into the hoop.

What is shooting guard in basketball?

A shooting guard is a postion in basketball where you mainly stay at the perimeter of the three point line and shoot

Width of the basketball lane?

The width of a basketball court in the NBA is 94 ft. by 50 feet . The shaded lane is painted beneath the basketball court is 12 feet wide.

Why you don't use basketball shoes for bowling alley?

Basketball shoes or tennis shoes will not slide on the approach at a bowling lane. Basketball shoes or tennis shoes will not slide on the approach at a bowling lane.

What muscles are used for shooting a basketball?

The muscles used for shooting a basketball are your biceps, triceps, ulna, and metacarpals. Those are just in the arm.

In which game is shooting ball technique is used?

shooting ball=basketball

What type of energy is shooting a basketball?


Should you jump when shooting a basketball?

I think jumping would help when shooting a basketball, you should really jump if your short >_<

What is a basketball foul in the act of shooting?

It is called a shooting foul when a defender contacts a player in the act of shooting.

How to be a scorer in basketball?

You need to be confident while shooting the basketball. You need to practice and learn your hot spots around the court (close, inside, mid range, 3pt) you can drive the lane (inside) and do a layup and don't be afraid to take some contact more likely then not you will draw a foul and shoot free throws. I'm more of a 3pt marksman and inside shooter (drive the lane and post up shots). -High school Basketball Player

How wide should a shooting lane be in an indoor shooting range?

In most of the shooting ranges I've been to, the lanes about are 4 feet wide.

What is lane violation in basketball?

a foul

What is the control group in a basketball shooting percentage experiment?

what is the control group in basketball

What is the width of a lane on a NBA court?

the width of the NBA basketball lane is 12 feet

Can any basketball player tell the difference when shooting a basketball with different air pressure?

I can

How wide is the lane in basketball?

12 feet

What are Basketball lane dimensions?

10 x10

What is the 3 second lane in basketball?


What to paratice at home for basketball?

Dribbling and shooting.

What is average shooting percentage for basketball?


What are descriptive words for a basketball?

passing shooting