What is lace means?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Lace is an intricately woven fabric used to decorate clothing or other items made of fabric.

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Q: What is lace means?
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Bunch of lace at his chin?

A piece of lace just under someone's chin which is attached to the shirt.

What is the word that means to make lace?

The expression Tat or make lace means get busy and don't fool around. Cf Fish or cut bait.

What does petticoats mean?

It means underskirts usually with lace or ruffles

What does 'Her face was as white as her lace collar' mean?

It means she was wearing a lace collar that was white, and her face was as white as the collar. Not literally, but it is being compared to it.

Is bobbin lace a real lace?

Bobbin lace is hand made lace made by flipping the lace back and forth over the bobbin.

Is bobbin Lace the same as Cluny lace?

Cluny lace is one of many types of bobbin lace.

How do you lace double tonged converses?

String up the first strand of lace then get the 2nd lace and lace it up

What has the author Jean Withers written?

Jean Withers has written: 'Lace to use' -- subject(s): Lace and lace making, Lace craft 'Mounting and Using Lace'

What is yak lace?

Yak lace is a pillow lace made from the silky hair of the yak.

What has the author Ann Collier written?

Ann Collier has written: 'Colour in lace' -- subject(s): Color in textile crafts, Lace and lace making 'Lace In Miniature' 'Creative design in bobbin lace' -- subject(s): Bobbin lace

What is the Italian translation of 'lace'?

Merletto is an Italian equivalent of the English word "lace."Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article il means "the." The pronunciation is "mehr-LEHT-toh."

What has the author Margaret L Brooke written?

Margaret L. Brooke has written: 'Lace in the making with bobbins and needle' -- subject(s): Bobbin lace, Needlepoint lace, Lace and lace making