What is kobe bryants favorite shot?

Updated: 11/18/2022
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Q: What is kobe bryants favorite shot?
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Who is Kobe Bryants favorite boxer?

manny pacman pacquiao

What is Kobe bryants favorite movie?

The Godfather

What is Kobe Bryants favorite music?

Wu Tang Clan

What is Kobe Bryants favorite color?

Gold and Purple of course

What is Kobe bryants occupation?

Kobe Bryants occupation is he loved Basketball.

What is Kobe Bryants salry?

Kobe Bryants salary is currently makes $24,806,250.

What is Kobe Bryants future?

Kobe Bryants future is playing for the Lakers playing basketball

What is Kobe bryants second favorite sport?

soccer he grew up playing that sport before basketball

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