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Q: What is kane's first theme song?
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Who sings Kanes new theme song?

actually finger 11 does kanes theme song

What is Kane's 2nd theme song called?

theres not a name to kanes theme song

What is the name of Kane's first theme song?

the name of kanes first theme is burned just Google Kane burned theme and and listen to how scary it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who sings Kanes old theme song?

Finger Eleven Sings Slow Chemical Kane's Old Theme Song.

How sings Kanes new theme song?

Kane new 2009 theme is just 1990s scary music.

What is Kanes theme song?

slow chemical by finger eleven. not out of the fire as some people think

Name of kanes old theme song?

I suppose you're talking about "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven...

Where can you get Kanes theme on your mobile? is your place!

What is the name of WWE Kane newest theme?

kanes new theme is under the fire

What is DX theme first song called?

the first DX theme song is called Break It Down

What was the name of kanes song during the 2005 royal rumble?

His origonal Song.

What is the first word of the wizard of Waverly place theme song?

The first word of the theme song is everything.The rest of the song is....Everything is not what it seems!

What is Kanes old song called?

BURNED by wwe corperation

What is the first song in Naruto Fanflash 5?

the song is the first Pokemon theme

What is death notes theme song called?

The first opening theme song is What's Up People?! by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE The second opening theme song is THE WORLD by Nightmare The first ending theme song is Alumina by Nightmare The second ending theme song is Zetsubou Billy by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE

What is Ross Lynch's first song?

the theme song onAustinand alley

When was the Raw Theme song first released?

The Raw Theme song was first released in 1984. It was released, because Wrestling was a very popular sport at the time so the Raw Theme song was created for Wrestling.

What was the first song that UB40 recorded?

The first song that UB40 recoreded is I will Survive and the 2nd is The Barney Theme Song.

What is the theme song to the Pokemon cartoon?

Pokemon is a very musical show, featuring 16 theme songs. The first theme song, "Aim to be a Pokemon Master " was used for the first 83 episodes. "Lets Join Hands" is the current theme song for the show.

What is the first Harry Potter song?

hedwigs theme

What is the theme song for Singapore's National Day?

The theme song for Singapore National Day 2012 is "Love at First Light".

Who sings john cena's theme song?

John Cena actually sings his own theme song and is the first to do so

What is Kanes old theme?

If you mean the one from 2002-2008 well then it was slow chemical by finger eleven

Who sings the saw theme song?

"Hello Zepp" is the name of the Saw theme song. It was composed by Charlie Clouser and was first heard at the end of the first film.

What was the name of the band that performed the theme song for the first Transformers movie?

lincoln park is the band for the first transformers theme song. lol kendall w