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Juventus Stadium is called, believe it or not, Juventus Stadium. New stadium of the club since 2011 (41,000 seats).

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Q: What is juventus stadium called?
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Related questions

When was Juventus Stadium created?

Juventus Stadium was created in 2011.

What is the capacity of Juventus Stadium?

Juventus Stadium has a capacity of 41,000 spectators.

What teams play at the juventus stadium?


When was Juventus Stadium opened?

Juventus Stadium opened on September 8, 2011.

What is the location of Juventus Stadium?

The location of Juventus Stadium is Torino City in Italy.

Who is the tenant of Juventus Stadium?

Juventus Football Club

What is the name of the home stadium of the Italian soccer team Juventus?

Juventus Stadium Turin , Italy

What place do juventus play?

Their stadium was once The DEL ALPPI STADIUM.

Who owns Stadio Delle Alpi stadium?


What is the name of the new Juventus stadium?

'Stadio Olimpico Di Torino'

Which games have Juventus FC played?

The Juventus FC is most known for playing association football, or as it is called in other countries, soccer. They were first called the Sport Club Juventus when the group was founded in 1897.

In what city does juventus play?

Juventus the Italian football club also called THE OLD LADY plays in the city of Turin.

What is the Olympics stadium called?

The Olimpics Stadium is called The Olimpic Stadium.

What is the patriots stadium called?

The Patriots Stadium is called the Gillette Stadium.

What is the stadium of arsenal called?

The stadium if Arsenal is called the Emirates Stadium.

How many champions league has juventus won?

Juventus also called the old Lady of Turin have only two champion league.

The name of juventus stadium?

The stadium where they play right now is 'Stadio Olimpico Di Torino'. They have been playing here since 2006 having previously played in 'Stadio Delle Alpi'. Delle Alpi is being demolished and rebuilt and it should be ready to host Juventus games in 2011/12.

Where in Italy is juventus football club?

The famous Italian football club is based in Turin, and used to play at the Del Alppi stadium.

What is arsenals new stadium called?

Arsenal FC's stadium is called the Emirates Stadium.

What is the new Yankee Stadium called?

It is called Yankee Stadium.

Why is the Miami Dolphins stadium called the dolphins stadium?

It is presently called Sun Life Stadium.

What was the Etihad Stadium called before it was renamed?

Etihad Stadium is actually called City of Manchester Stadium. The stadium is called Etihad Stadium occasionally for sponsorship purposes for soccer games.

Who will win Club America or Juventus?


What is the penrith panthers football stadium called?

It was called Penrith Stadium. It is noe called Credit Union Australia Stadium.

What is the stadium of blackpool called?

The stadium of Blackpool is called Bloomfield Road.

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