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Q: What is it that f1 drivers throw out as the leave pit lane?
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What is it that formula 1 drivers throw out as the leave pit lane?

what is it that formila one drivers throw out as they leave pit lane

What is the area called where racing cars go in for a pit stop?

* Pit Road * Pit Lane * Pit Stall

Why does NASCAR have pit speed limits?

Safety for both the crews and drivers in the pit.

How do they control the pit speed on race cars?

On Indy Cars, there is a paddle located on the left side of the steering wheel known as the PIT LANE SPEED LIMITER PADDLE. This adjusts and limits the vehicle to the designated pit lane speed.

What is the speed limit in pit lane supercars?

it is like 50mph or 51

In AdventureQuest RPG how can one leave the pit?

You cannot leave the pit in AQ without dying or (technically) "logging out." Though, if you die, you remain in the pit. This event, however, may have been changed by AE. You have to refresh the page (unadvised if you're not a Guardian, unless you are sick and tired of the pit) if you want to "leave."

Is there money in the money pit?

No, it's called a "money pit" because you throw all your money into something that isn't worth anything.

Which Scalextric set includes a Digital Pit Lane Game?

The Scalextric set Triple cup C1223 includes the pitlane game. It is currently the only set that includes the pitlane. It can also be bought separatly. In that case you will need the pitlane game, a pit lane entry and 6 single lane straights to extend an existing set.

How do you bring children and books together?

Put the children in a pit, and throw books at them.

What is biopit?

it is when you throw live animals in to a pit and wacht them ate one and otter

Where does the saying That's the pit's come from?

I would think it meant the "pit" of a fruit, the part you throw out (unless you plan on planting it). The fruit is the eatable yummy part, the pit the uneatable yucky part.

In bowling Space at the end of the lane where ball and pins wind up?

This area is usually referred to as "the pit".