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"Two-Move Checkmate" (also known as "Fool's Mate") is the quickest possible checkmate in Chess ; example consists of the moves :

1. f3 e5

2. g4?? Qh4#

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It is called the Scholar's Mate also known as four move check mate

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Checkmate .

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Q: What is it called when you win a chess game in 4 moves?
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How to win a chess game with the least moves made?


How do you win a game of chess in two moves?

'Fool's Mate' ; '''1.''' f3 e5 '''2.''' g4 Qh4#

Opponent moves your piece in chess do you win?

yes that is cheatin

Is it possible to win a chess game with a Castle and a King?

It's possible to win a chess game with any set or number of pieces

How can you win at chess?

The objective of chess is to take the king to win the game(war).

What is game in 2 in chess?

Game in 2 is the quicket way to win a game of chess. The best example is: 1.f3,e5 2.g4, Qh4# This is also called Fool's Mate.

How do you beat a game of chess?

A game of chess is won when a player cannot make a move to prevent their king being captured in the next turn. In this way the position is called "checkmate". Another way to win a game of chess is through resignation, or, if the game is timed, then a player may win if his opponent's clock reaches zero.

What is the man called who made chess?

There was no man that made chess in third grade my teacher told me that chess was made when a king and queen had to battle another kingdom they invented a game and whomever won that game would win.

What is the uses to play chess?

Playing chess helps develop your brain using strategy of how to win and remembering the different pieces and moves

In chess if only their king is on the board?

There are only two outcomes: you win or you draw. In some play, it is considered a draw if you have not been able to mate within 30 moves or if the same set of moves is repeated 5 times.

What piece could win a chess game by getting across the board?

The pawn upon it's promotion and properly applied to the strategy in capturing the opponent's king could win the game of chess .

How do you win chess in 2 moves?

Fool's Mate : 1. f3 e5 2. g4 Qh4#