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Q: What is it called when you kick a ball and it goes the opposite direction?
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What is it called when a gas goes straight to a solid?

Deposition when passing from gas to solid, sublimes when in the opposite direction.

What are one-dimensional vectors?

line that only goes in one direction and the opposite direction

Why winter winds are dry?

because the in winter goes in opposite direction...

The opposite direction of conventional current?

"Conventional current" is the equivalent current of (usually) ficticious positive charges. If the electron current (negative charges) goes in one direction, the conventional current (of positive charges) goes in the opposite direction.

When an animal inhale air oxygen moves in the lungs and carbon moves in opposite direction state the law fallowed opposite direction and?

goes out of your nose p.s. carbon dioxide (c02)

What is an lazy eye?

An eye that either goes the opposite direction of the other or doesn't really move.

When Golf ball goes in cup and bounces out what is that called?

It is called a lip out.

What is reverse taper in splines?

This means that it is the opposite of the normal direction that a taper goes. Example; If a normal taper goes to the left, a reverse taper goes to the right.

What do two opposite rays form?

A ray is a portion of a line that starts at one point and infinitely goes off in the opposite direction. Two opposite rays form a line.

Are lines part of a ray?

No, because a line goes forever in opposite directions of each other. A ray goes forever in one direction.

What is it called when a tennis ball goes around the net and not over it?


When the goalie kicks the ball what is it called?

when the ball goes out and the goalie kicks it its called a goal kick. When the goalie catches it and kicks it its called a punt.

Orbit tractor sprinkler how to fix tractor goes backwards?

The nozzel tubes need to be turned the opposite direction

What direction does the thermost go in a 96 mercury villager?

The copper pellet opposite the spring end goes into the engine.

What are those things called on bowling when the ball comes back?

It goes through a ball return

Can any part of your body touch the net while the ball is in play?

no.. if you touch the net, the ref will blow the whistle and the ball goes to the opposite team

If a ball goes out of bounds over the sideline what is it called in soccer?

Throw in

What is it called if on a serve the ball hits the net but goes over?


When the soccer ball goes out of bounds over the sideline what is this called?

The ball has gone "in touch" and the restart is a throw-in.

How does a fixed pulley affect force?

no it does not,it has no mechanical advantage whatsoever. It is just an advantage because it goes in the opposite direction in which you pull.

Which golf ball goes further?

The one hit the hardest as long as the wind is in it's favor and the direction is straight!

How does the ball gets back in play when it goes out one of the sides in soccer?

When the ball goes out at the "side" (called the touchline) and a throw in gets the ball back into play. Taken by the team that didn't touch the ball last.

How is geometry used in tennis?

by the way you hit the ball and the direction you hit it and u have the angles and how high it goes and how wide and the measure of the angel u hit the ball

An efferent neuron carries impulses in the direction opposite of?

opposite of an afferent neuron. an efferent neuron goes from the central nervous system to the organ in the body that will perform the required action.

What is a serve error in volleyball?

A serve error is when the ball fails to land in the 30x30 courton the opposite team's side. If the ball touches any part of the body of a player on the opposite side and goes out, it is considered good. I hope this helps(: