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Kip Up.

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Q: What is it called when you do you jump up off the ground onto your feet?
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How high can baby bunnies jump?

3 feet.i have 3 baby rabbits and trust me,they hop a lot

How high can a coyote jump?

They can easily clear a 6-foot fence and have been observed leaping onto surfaces 10 feet high.

What is that skateboard trick that you held the board in your hand and then jump up onto something then put the board back to your feet while you jump down?

Caveman I think.

When a rock falls from outerspace onto the ground it is called?


How do shoes work?

You fit the shoe onto your foot and when you walk, and the ground will not hurt you or get your feet dirty. you put them on your feet and walk with them

How high do lynx jump?

A panther can jump 18 feet into the air to leap onto rocks, ledges, or other supports. When jumping horizontally, panthers have been known to jump as far as 30 feet.

How do you jump over the fan on poptropica?

Jump onto the plug/socket and then jump onto the back of the fan and then jump over the fan blade.

In the simpsons game you are on the space shuttle and it is not letting you double jump on to the earth what do you do now?

it is not working because you must jump onto a pole in front of you then onto the 2 small planets with things going around the and the onto the station thingy. you will have to press a button to put the ladder to the ground which gets homer on top with you. from that you get homer to the back of the satellite and Bart has to run to the front(starting from the back) and jump onto the middle planets ring. now you jump on the things. That go up and down. when your on them you have to jump on the UFO. Jimbo will get off the UFO and you have to beat him.

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First you get on the helipad. Then you jump onto the plank.walk.Jump onto the other Plank. jump onto the small building. Jump onto the other plank. Then you jump onto a the long brown plank. Turn right, walk on. jump onto the skinny Catwalkand walk on. here is the perfect sniping shot!!!

Do killer whales live on ground?

No they live in the sea however they can jump onto coast and catch something and get back into the sea with ease

What do you do with a shoe?

what you do is put it on your feet so that your feet may be protected from glass and things on the ground witch can harm your feet and that is why u need shoes onto your feet mostly for safetey

How did the rat flea go from rat to human?

Fleas from rats either jump directly from rats to humans, or they jump on other animals first, or hitch onto a human from the ground or other items.