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Q: What is it called when you do a handstand then go fowed?
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Achievements by dirk Hartog?

he fowed shark bay

On Nintendogs can you get your dog to do a frontflip on its hands?

i dont know but you can make it do a handstand how? lay down and the beg then there you go a handstand

How do you do a handstand on club penguin?

you actually can't do handstands BUT you can SAY "does handstand". In a way that is doing a handstand in cp

What is the bases of a headstand?

you do a handstand, but you go on your head, with your arms bent on the ground and balance.

How do you do handstand into bridge?

Okay first step toward with your strongest, leg/foot and go into a hand stand. Once you are in your handstand slowly bring your legs to the ground while bending your back. Then you should fall into a bridge. Be careful and good luck!

What are some styles of handstands?

I am an 11 year old previous gymnast. There are only about two styles of handstands there is one called pull up handstand, and the classic handstand. In a classic handstand you will want to go up with a straight leg, and pointed toes. Keep your elbows completely straight and your shoulders over the rest of your body. If that makes sense. In a pull up handstand you start with your legs spread about two and a half feet apart then you rest your hands on the floor without jumping AT ALL you then lift your legs into and classic handstand. This takes stomach muscle, arm muscle, butox muscle and most of all leg muscle. Good luck!

In 1982 Who has the record for the longest handstand?

In 1982, the record for the longest handstand was held by Mauro Bellugi from Italy. He completed a handstand that lasted for over 20 minutes.

Will a handstand make an erection go away?

yes doing handstands and push -ups and sit ups helps an erection go away .

Can you do headstand and handstand one after the other?

yes you can but you need lots of arm strength. If you go into headstand but keep your legs bent then straighten them very quickly and at the same time pushing your arms straight and you are in handstand P.S this will take practice ;)

What is the best replacement for pull ups when your are working out?

i would personally do pushups, or handstand pushups. Handstand pushups are where you go on your hands, lean you back against a wall and bend your arms at least 90 degrees. It takes time to be able to build up the strength in your arms to do handstand pushups correctly so it you are a beginner, then stick with pushups for now.

What is the purpose of a handstand in cheerleading?

It can be used in many ways. Some including: as a transition from one place to another (following the handstand, you could proceed in a forward roll, or front-limber); as a way to go into a stunt (the "flyer" goes into a handstand and the bases proceed to pick her up into a stunt); or it could be a way to practice for a back-hand-spring(s).

What is the steps in front handspring?

Run,Jump,do a handstand,go into a backbend,and bounce up all in 1 motion