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Going Mental


SHR syndrome (Sudden Haighy Rage Syndrome)

^very common in teenagers

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Q: What is it called when the hockey stick is raised above the shoulder level or is swung wildly in a crowded area?
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What is the raised part of a shaft called?


How high does a hockey stick have to go to be considered a high stick?

Your stick cannot got above your shoulder height.

When the arm is raised a located at the shoulder is responsible for this movement?


Can the hockey stick be lifted above the shoulders to hit a ball?

Some hits can be a bit like golf, but golf swings with hockey sticks are dangerous. A swing with a hockey stick like a golf club can easily result in the ball flying up in the air and create danger.

Is John Tavares the hockey player Portuguese?

He is of Portuguese decent but was born and raised in Canada.

What type of joint allows upper arms to be raised and lowered?

The ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder allows the upper arm to be raised and lowered.

What could a raised scratchlike line be on the back of your shoulder that does not itch but feels like a scratch?

A scratch?

The arm signal sign for stop is?

An arm raised at the shoulder, bent at the elbow and pointed down

What is another word for grassy shoulder?

Another word for grassy shoulder is a berm. It refers to a flat strip of land beside a road, raised bank or terrace.

When a number is raised to a power what is it called?

The power could then be called an exponent. The number that is being raised to a power is called the base. In the case of 42, the exponent is 2 and the base is 4.

Where were Neil and Tim Finn raised?

Neil Finn and his brother Tim, who were both in the rock group Split Enz, and then in Crowded House, were raised in Te Awamutu, a town in the North Island region of New Zealand.

If an attacking player in hockey raised the ball over the defender's stick what would the umpire do?

Unless the raised ball was dangerous, or was raised deliberately with a hit (except for a shot at goal), nothing; this is fully legal and skilful play.