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High sticking

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Q: What is it called when the hockey stick is above your waist?
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What part of your body should you put the your hockey stick above?

A hockey stick should come up to your chin when you're off skates and to your nose when you're on skates. Hope this helped!!

Field hockey rules?

1. You can only use the flat side of the stick 2. Don't let the ball hit your feet 3. To score you must be inside the half cicle 4. In indoor the ball cannot leave the floor 5. In indoor you cannot have a backswing 6. If you back is toward another girls face that is called obstruction 7. Dont let your stick go above your waist, try not to let the ball above your waist either That's all I can think of right now... AND FIELD HOCKEY DOES RULE!

What is the call if your stick goes above your waist in pillow polo?

High sticking

How do you drive in field hockey?

You bring your stick up the opposite way of the ball, but not too high only to your hip. then take a big swing forward but only let stick go to your waist.

How much should you weigh for a jr hockey stick?

Weight is fairly irrelevant when comes to choosing a stick. If you have to ask what size to use, you are obviously new to the sport and you should be looking for a stick that comes to your waist when you hold it vertically on the ground.

If your stick is lifted in front of the goalie causing contact with the goalie's head 1.5' off the ice should it be considered high sticking?

High sticking would be categorized by the stick coming above the waist. The player could be called for roughing, though.

Which muscle is not above the waist?

There are several muscles in the human body that are not located above the waist. For example, the brevis and longus muscles are not above the waist, as they are located in the legs.

What stange sporting activity was held in the north of Scotland?

Shinty - A form of field hockey, but the sticks are allowed to be raised above waist level. This makes shinty a much more dangerous game than normal hockey.