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It's called playing defense.

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Q: What is it called when protecting the basketball from the other team of scoring?
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The team that is protecting the goal and trying to keep the other team from scoring is called the blank team?


What is the rule for Scoring on wrong basket in basketball?

The rule for scoring in the wrong basket is that the other team gets the point

What is defence in basketball?

when the other team has the ball you are on "defense" , meaning you are trying to stop the other team from scoring.

What are the two sides in basketball called?

The two sides of basketball are called offense and defense. On offense the team protects the ball and tries to convert a basket. On defense the team guards the ball and tries to stop the other team from scoring.

Is it true that the defence in basketball tries to stop the other team from scoring?

well yea you have to figjht for it

In basketball what does defense do?

trying to stop the other team from scoring. They also try to steal the ball or intercept a pass

Is the game of basketball called something else in other countries?


What are point guards in basketball?

A point guard, like other player positions in basketball, specializes in certain skills. A point guard's job is to create scoring opportunities for his team.

What is the object of the game of basketball?

Score as many points as you can, and preventing the other team from scoring. And have the most points after all four quarters.

What are the three main duties of a professional basketball player?

1- To contribute directly or indirectly to the scoring with the basketball for your team (Offense) 2- To contribute to a team effort of preventing the other team from scoring (Defense)3- Repeat until the game is overIts a weird question but I hope it answers what you were asking

What is the difference between offensive and defensive in basketball?

Offense is when your team has th ball and trying to score. Defense is when you are trying to prevent the other team from scoring.

What are the roles of offensive and defensive teams in basketball?

Offence is when your team has the ball, and trying to score. When your on defense the other team has the ball, it's your teams' job to prevent the other team from scoring.

What is basketball called in other parts of the world?

It depends on that countries language.

Scoring system for basketball?

3 points for a shot taken behind the arc. 2 points for all other shots taken. 1 point for a free throw.

Was Dennis rodman ever a scoring champ?

No, Dennis Rodman was never a scoring champ. Although he did do a good job scoring in his time, he was never a scoring champ. There were other players more inclined to scoring.

What is shutout in soccer called?

A shutout is when one team prevents the other team from scoring at all during a match.

What are the benefits of CIC credit monitoring?

Some benefits of CIC Credit Monitoring include protecting your credit. Reporting, Scoring and Fraud are all other benefits of CIC Credit Monitoring. It is very beneficial.

What does defense mean in basketball terms?

Defense means that you are protecting the other teams basket. You try to keep them from shooting. In other words, think of it that the basket is yours and you don't want the ball to touch it.

How do you win a game of basketball?

By scoring more baskets than the other team. Most baskets are worth 2 points while longer shots are worth 3 points.

What is tripping in basketball called?

Tripping is when a player interacts with the other player and trip the player with the ball. And then the foul will be called.

What is it called when the offense tries to outrace the other team to score in basketball?

Fast break.

How are basketball and soccer alike?

They both have a ball. there are two teams. there are two goals. objective is to get the ball to the other end. keep the ball away from your side that you're protecting. Yeah!

Do Lithuanians love basketball?

Lithuanians are crazy about basketball! There will soon be a movie about Lithuanian basketball, called "The other dream team." You can view the trailer of the film in the related links section below.

What is mean by a field goal and how many points are awarded in basketball?

In basketball, a "field goal" is the official term for any basket made from the floor other than a free throw. Most of the scoring in a basketball game is field goals. They are worth two points, or three points if the shot is taken from behind the 3-point arc.

What is one of two types of fouls in basketball?

One of the foulsin basketball is a tech foul this is called when coach is abusive to players of other team the other coach or the refs. The other is just called a foul which is just called when you foul the person with the ball Or there is holding when you hold one of the players or grab there arm or something.