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Q: What is it called when athletes use a blunt rapier to hit an opponent?
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What was a contest of strength using blunt lances?

A contest of strength using blunt lances is called jousting.

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It is called an Épée or a Rapier, in the time of the story it where called an Sabre. The Sabre is offen compared to the curved sword. But the original Sabre was developed as a cavalry weapon, which was used when fighting from horseback. This Sabre have no sharp edges and even the end was blunt. It was commonly used to hit with the full length of the blade. This creates more of the classic "swish" and sweeping movement.

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The blunt end of the hammer is called the 'peen.' Other parts of the hammer include the face, the head, the eye and the cheek.

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The striking side of a modern carpenter's hammer is called the head.

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