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That would be a blocking foul.

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Q: What is it called when an offensive player runs into the defensive player who is still moving in the game of basketball?
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What is it called in basketball when one offensive player blocks a defensive player to get a teammate open?

A screen or a "pick". If it's done illegally, it's a moving screen usually.

What is barging in basketball?

I think you mean charging, which is when an offensive player commits a foul on the defensive player. Typically, this happens when the defensive player plants his feet and the offensive player runs/dribbles/pushes through him, knocking him down. It's not a charge if his feet are moving, though.

What is moving down a basketball court while bouncing the ball called?

it is called dribbling

What is illegal screen in basketball?

A legal screen is where the offensive player sets a screen while moving and does set his feet

When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?

In basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

What is a pick in basketball?

== == == == A pick is when an offensive player without the ball stands still and acts as a wall in order to prevent a defensive player from being able to follow an offensive player with the ball, or to allow the offensive player with the ball to have a second or so of time open, allowing him to take a shot or make a pass. However, a pick is only legal if the player stands still while 'becoming a wall'. If he is moving, a foul is called. A pick is another term for a screen.

Can you send a pick on defense?

In speaking about American football and basketball, there are legal and illegal picks to be made on both offensive and defense. Accidental picks can also occur. Generally speaking a pick is placing oneself solidly and without moving in the anticipation of being in the way of an opposing team player. A "moving" pick in basketball, as an example, involves an offensive player "moving into the way of an opposing player. Contact then amounts to a foul in that the move was far too late to be fair and thus is illegal.Also, in American football there is an offensive pick that is illegal. This involves blocking up field defensive backs so they cannot protect against the forward pass. In conclusion, most often picks are set by the offensive team.

What is the 3 second rule is basketball?

An offensive player is not allowed to stay in the paint or key for more than 1 second at a time you have to keep moving in and out.

What is defensive movement?

Moving while you are on defense. Can be individually or collectively as a team.

How high does one dribble a basketball?

by moving your hand up and down on the basketball

Can you straddle the half court line moving towards the offensive zone?

Yes, You can straddle the half court line moving towards the OFFENSIVE ZONE!!!!!!!! If you straddle going towards the opposite end you will be called for Over and Back.

How do you drbble a basketball?

you push the basketball towards the ground and continue moving around the court.

What is moving out of a population called?

Moving out of a population is called emigration. (Moving into a population is called immigration.)

What was the outcome of McClellan's offensive?

his offensive was to slow moving that lee and Jackson had time to concentrate their forces

If you take defensive driving is your moving violation still a conviction?

Yes, but you may have mitigating circumstances.

What is the physics aspect of a basketball slowing down a moving body?

cross them

What are the basketball skills?

Skills required to play basketball are dribbling, shooting, passing, running, ball handling, and moving on defense.

What is the positioning for a basketball stance?

A basketball stance is called a defensive stance.The proper stance can be done by first bending your knees so you are close to the ground. Make sure your back is straight, but your knees are bent.One hand is pointing towards two o'clock (pretend a clock is in front of you) and is out to the right (or left, depending on which way you are moving). This hand is meant to intercept the passing lane. The other hand is "digging" between your legs. This is for stealing a ball.

What is fast moving lava and slow moving?

Fast moving lava is called "Pahoehoe" And slow moving lava is called "aa" .

Why are there rules in basketball and what are all of them?

some rules in basketball are substitutions during the 4 minute periods may only be during a time out.the offensive team must cross center in 10 seconds or they forfeit the are not aloud to travel that is when your walking around without dribbling.fouls are called for the following situations:offensive charging,offensive or defensive holding,interference,moving screens or blocks.a set shot is when you must shoot from the foul line. if your foot goes over the line or you jump over the line it will not count.a layup counts only if the person jumps,lays the ball in ,the ball hits the back board and scores.WHY ARE THEIR RULES?i think their are rules because it wouldn't be a real game if you could just take the ball wherever you want like their wouldn't be any national buisnesess for basketball if their werent any goals because it could be a never ending game and if their were no rules it wouldn't be anything like basketball today.

How does a basketball lose its bounce?

A basketball will lose it's bounce if it gets too cold. This is because the air molecules moving inside of the ball are moving slower causing the pressure inside of the ball to decrease.

Did otto grahm play basketball?

He played basketball for Colgate before moving to North Carolina Pre-Flight, So yes.

Is an offensive player with the ball pushing off considered a player control foul in basketball?

It depends. If the defender wasn't moving and the run into them or push them then it's a charge. Also you can't just stiff arm people when you have the ball...

What is interesting about a basketball career?

It is very interisting to watch because of all of the moving

What burns more calories - basketball or soccer?

Soccer because your constantly moving.