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Hmmm.....Second Serve Ace!

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Q: What is it called when an ace is hit on the second serve?
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What does ace mean in Badminton?

An "ace" happens on a serve where you hit the birdie to the opponents side and they miss. This is an "ace".

Is it an ace in tennis if you hit the player in the body?

No, an ace is when you serve the ball so well that it can not be returned.

What do you call a serve that the opponent cannot return in tennis?

There are two types of serve that a player cannot return, one is an Ace and one is just called Unreturnable. An Ace is when the returner cannot get their racket to the ball at all. An Unreturnable is when the returner touches the ball, but cannot return it within the court.

What is the term for hitting a tennis ball hard?

The general term is called a winner. If it is hit on specific shots, it can receive specific names. Such as on a serve, it is called an ace. If it is hit on the return of serve, it's called a return winner.

Does the ball have to hit the line to be an ace in tennis?

No. The interior lines (half-lines) on tennis courts determine the service court, into which the serve must be made. An ACE is any legal serve that is not successfully returned by the opponent, winning the point for the server.

What is a serve that is impossible to return in racquetball?

A serve that is so well hit that returner cannot even touch is called an ace

What do you call a hand that uses the ace as one or eleven in Blackjack?

A hand with an ace and no ten value cards is called a "soft hand". For example, an ace and a six would be a soft 17. A soft hand is a hand that you can hit with a ten and still have the same thing. Example, an ace and a six is 17, hit it with a 10 and it is still 17.

How do you solve problem when first serve hit the net?

it is a fault and they go on to second serve, on the same side. if a ball hits the top of the net and goes in, it is a let and if that was the first serve it is still first serve, same side, no score change. if the server double faults the other team gets the point, and if on the second serve someone serves a let, it is still second serve, not a fault

Who has the second hit in volleyball?

It is called the set.

What is an underhand open palm hit called in volleyball?

Underhand serve

What are the 3 different game points for winning the serve in Tennis?

If you're looking to improve your serve, the key is just to practice, practice, practice. However, generally, a good strategy is to hit a really hard flat serve for your first serve and then hit a very consistent second serve. Secondly, hit it where your opponent is not. If your opponent is guarding the alley, hit it down the line, if he is guarding the middle hit an out wide serve. Lastly, go with what your instinct tells you to do because you'll probably get it in if it feels and looks right.

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