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it is called a field goal

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Q: What is it called when a football team kicks a three point score?
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What is a 6 point score in football?

you get a touchdown

What is the big point about football?

the big point in football is to score a goal and attack the other team

How do you score 1 point in football?

Make a Point after touchdown (PAT).

How many points does a conversion score in football?

1 point

Who serves the football in football?

the football is not served like in tennis or volleyball, one team kicks it off the other to start the game. then it is much like basketball where the offense attempts to keep the ball until they score.

How do you get 6 point in a football game?

score a touchdown, or score 2 field goals. Or three safeties!

What number cant be scored in nfl?

You cannot score a single point in football. Yes, you can get one point from the extra point after a touchdown, but that requires you to score six points in the first place.

What is a point called in basketball?

In basketball you score points, not goals.

How many kicks does it take to score a goal?


What are the posts that you hit the ball over to score a goal called in football?

It's called a goalpost.

How can a team score in football?

make a touchdown. make a extra point. make a 2 point conversion. make a Field goal.

What keeps up with the scores in the football games?

a device called the score board