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Q: What is it called when a defensive player catches an offensive pass in football?
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What is it called when a defensive player catches the football?


Can a defensive lineman grab a offensive lineman in football?

No, this is one of the ways to get called for defensive holding. 5 yard penalty, replay the down.

What is it called when a defensive player catches a pass?

It's called an interception.

What is it called when a defensive player catches a forward pass in footba ll?


What is the defensive leader called in football?

The Captain.

What happens when an offensive player charges a defensive player already in stance but the defensive player doesn't fall down is this a foul on the offensive player or a foul on the defensive?

This is a foul on the offensive player. The defensive player does not have to fall down in order to get a charge called

Can you hold onto an opponent's jersey in football?

A defensive player may hold on to a ball carrier's jersey in an attempt to tackle him. However, if a defensive player holds on the the jersey of an offensive player who does not have the ball, that would be a penalty for holding. Likewise, if an offensive player holds on to a defensive player's jersey, that would also be called holding.

Who calls the plays in football?

It depends on the team ... Coaches, offensive coordinators, and/or the quarterback call plays. On the defensive side there are formations called, the equivalent of plays for the defense. On the offense, if a play is called but the defensive formation is not conducive for that play, the QB can call an audible at the line.

What is it called when the defense catches the football in the offense's goal area?


What are the offensive positions in American football?

The quarterback (QB) throws the football, the runningback (also called halfback and full back depending on their field position) (RB, HB, FB) runs with it, the receiver catches it and the offensive lineman blocks to protect the quarterback. There is also the punter in the special teams.

When the quarterback throws the football and his receiver catches the ball this is called?

A pass completion.

What player catches the ball and passes it to another player in football?

It's called a fleaflicker.

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