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Q: What is it called when a defensive player catches a forward pass in footba ll?
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What is it called when a defensive player catches the football?


What is it called when a defensive player catches a pass?

It's called an interception.

What is it called when a defensive player catches an offensive pass in football?


What is the term in American football for when a defensive player catches a pass from the opossing teams forward pass?

The term for defensive player catching opposing team's pass is an interception.

When a defense player catches a pass?

When a defensive player catches a pass

When does a defensive player catches a pass on football?

An Interception.

When a defensive player catches a ball in football?

Interception interception

A rarely used high and deep defensive stroke?

forward defensive in cricket

When the Defense Intercept A Pass made by an offensives player is called what?

In American football, when a defender catches a forward pass from the offense, it is called an interception.

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What are the defensive position in basketball?

Point Guard Shooting Guard Small forward Power Forward Center

What happens when a defensive player catches a foul ball in baseball?

It is an out, just like when it is a fair ball that is caught.

Is intercept a football word?

Yes, an interception occurs when a defensive player catches a ball thrown by the quarterback.

What is the call when a defensive player touches a flyball and then another player catches the ball before it touches the ground?


When playing netball if a player catches the ball drops it and catches it again what is this called?

This is called replayed ball

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If a defense intercepts and a penalty is called against them is that the offense or defensive penalty?

It is a defensive penalty.

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Who is allowed to catch a forward pass in football?

Most passes in football, with the exception of sideways ones (called laterals), are thrown straight ahead, forward, albeit at an angle. Most, if not all,of the ones that catch the passes are wide receivers, though the defensive players can catch it too instead, which is called an interception.

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