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a double fault

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2009-05-14 08:17:52
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Q: What is it called if you miss both first and second serves in tennis?
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Who serves after the first set in tennis?

Whoever didn't serve in the last game of the first set serves in the first game of the second set.

Who serves first in tennis?

the umpire tosses the coin to see whether who serves first.

What is it called when you miss both first and second serves?

It is called double-fault when you miss both of your serves. You lose a point then.

How do tennis players decide who serves first?

Coin? Perhaps

Who serves first after a tie breaker in tennis?

The person who serves the first point of the tie breaker will be the receiver in the first game of the next set. R

How many serves do you get in tennis?

You get 2 serves per point. If the first on goes out you get another and if that one goes out you loose the point

What is the sequence of who serves in tennis after the first serve?

The same player serves for all of each game and they swap on a rotation basis until the end.

What was tennis first called?

What tennis was called first is aquestion that will taunt us for years if you have an nswer please post it!!!

What is the first point in tennis called?

its just called a first point.

In table tennis how you decide who serves first?

Either you could flip a coin or decide it between you and your opponent.

When tennis score is 6-6 who serves first.?

The person who returned in the 6-5 game will serve first in the tie-break.

How do you start the game table tennis?

One player serves. It's started.AnswerA player serves. How you decide which one serves is usually a volly. Whoever misses the ball first gives the ball to the other player and that person serves.

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