What is isotonic movement?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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It is the theory that states when a goat walks up to you and you pet it you are cursed for ever.

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Q: What is isotonic movement?
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How does the shape of a cell change in an isotonic solution?

In an isotonic solution the shape of a cell remains unchanged. This is because the movement of water inside the cell equals the movement of water outside the cell.

Application of muscular force with movement is called?

This is called inertia.

Application of muscular force without movement is called exercise?

Isotonic :)

How does water move in an isotonic solution?

Water moves towards a solution of greater concentration. If the solution is isotonic there will be no net movement.

What is Isotonic Exercise in a SIMPLE description?

Isotonic exercise (or muscle contraction) is when the muscle contracts and shortens giving movement (ie a bicep curl, lifting and lowering weight) Nearly all the training you do is Isotonic the opposite is Isometric, where the muscle contracts but des not shorten, giving no movement. Eg, Weightlifting, Lifting the weight up and down is isotonic Holding the weight still above the head is isometric

What is an Activity that combines muscle contraction with repeated movement?

An activity that combines muscle contraction with repeated movement is Isotonic execrise

What is a solution with the same concentration of water and solutes as inside a cell resulting in the cell retaining its normal shape because there is no net movement of water?

Isotonic solution.Common table salt when added to water is an example of a solute. For example, salt crystals (the solute) are the part of salt water (a solution) which has changed its state when added to water (the solvent).

Why does a cell stay the same size in an isotonic solution?

There is no net movement of water molecules in and out of the cell.

What is the word for muscular contraction involving muscle movement?

Isotonic contractions are the type that involve muscle movement. This movement is due to a change in length as the muscle fibers shorten or lengthen.

What is Equal movement of molecules called?

The equal movement of molecules would be describing an "isotonic" state, where concentration gradients are equal, and a state of equilibrium is created.

What type of solution doesnt change the shape of a cell?

Isotonic does not change the shape of a cell membrane

The spread of molecules throughout an area?

i think is the isotonic .. Diffusion is the spread of molecules. Osmosis is the movement across water.