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Q: What is intense driven coach?
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How many miles per gallon of diesel driven on coach bus?

3o miles

Who is the best epee coach in NJ?

A very good epee coach whom I have had in NJ (all though I believe he travels to different states too, and he is Hungarian) is Kornel Udvarhelyi. He is a very intense epee coach, and if you train with him, expect sore muscles!

What is the meaning of you were hell bent with heaven sent?

This phrase typically means that someone was very determined and driven, with a combination of intense focus and divine assistance. It suggests a strong sense of purpose and motivation.

What does the term Araba mean?

Araba can be loosely translated as coach, or a four-wheeled wagon that is meant to be drawn by horses or oxen. It can also be used as a first name, generally meaning someone who is driven and ambitious.

What motivated the US 1980 Olympic hockey team?

Desire to finally beat the Soviets motivated the US 1980 hockey team. Support and intense training and discipline from their coach (Herb Brooks) helped them win.

Does Florida own Gatorade?

Yes, four doctors were asked by Florida's head coach Ray Graves to help his players handle the intense Florida heat and humidity. Their answer was Gatorade, first tested on the freshmen team.

Do you sit in a coach or on a coach?


Quality driven or deadline driven?

Quality Driven

Latin word for intense?


Is intense a superlative?

No. Most intense is.

Why does Romeo refuse his punishment and surrender at the tomb?

Romeo refuses his punishment and tries to surrender at the tomb because he believes Juliet is dead and he cannot live without her. He sees no point in living if she is gone. He is driven by his intense love for Juliet.

What is a simple sentence for the world intense?

His intense scrutiny was alarming.The flavor was intense. Battle is an intense experience.