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There is no such thing as Barclays premiership. However, there is a league named Barclays Premier League which is a league from England. Their official website is Premier League.

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Q: What is included with the Barclays premiership?
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What is a premiership debut?

It is when a player makes his first match in the English Barclays Premiership.

What is the premiership new sponsor?

Barclays, the bank

What company sponcors the English premiership?


First team to win barclays premiership?

Manchester United

What are Barclays premiership winners medals made from?

Human skin

What is 20 T in the BP?

20 Teams in the Barclays Premiership

In what year was the English League converted to the Barclays English Premiership?


Will tottenham ever win the barclays premiership?

Perhaps, but only if they buy Man U...

What is the Barclays Premiership prize money for each place for season 2011-2012?


Who won the Barclays Premiership last year?

Manchester United 2010/2011 Chelsea2009/2010

Why do people use premiership table?

The Barclays Premiership Table relates to the English Football League. It is commonly used by many people to to follow their teams progress in this league.

Most profitable sports team?

Manchester City, they are a English soccer team who play in the Barclays Premiership.