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THE PUCK, you play hockey to get the puck.

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Q: What is important about hockey?
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Names of important sport person in hockey?

a very important person in hockey is Alexander ovechkin he brought a whole new level to hockey.

Is skating the most important thing in hockey?

For ice and in-line hockey it is.

Why is ice hockey important to our Canadian culture?

Hockey is important to our society because hockey is a sport that many canadians are very passionate about and it gives our country and culture an identity

Is hockey important?

if you like it

Why is balance important in ice hockey?

Balance is very important in ice hockey because it helps in keeping stability. When there is balance in ice hockey, toppling and falling over is reduced.

Why is hockey important to Canada?

Hockey is a part of Canada's culture and national heritage.

What is the most important piece of equipment for playing field hockey?

The hockey stick

Do you need lower ab strength for hockey?

Yes. Core Strenght is extreamly important in hockey

Why is hockey so important to Canada?


Why is hockey important for Canadians?

They're the best in it.

Why is Ice Hockey so important in Europe?

I played hockey most of my life. I am from the US but have close friends and family in Latvia. They travel two hours everyday to play hockey. Hockey is so important to most of Europe because it might be their only way out of a life that is not exactly easy to say the least.

Which country is the second best in hockey?

Second best hockey team are those losers USA but what is important is CANADA,the best hockey team ever. -_- take that USA.

Why is a hockey goalie important?

i will learn as i get older bye

Why was Maurice Richard important?

cause he played hockey

What are the important roles and responsibilities of officials in hockey?


How is education important in Canada?

because education is important to do anything even to play hockey

Why is Wayne Gretzky important to Canada?

He is the best hockey player in the world, and if you havnt realized this yet, hockey is Canada's game.

Why is flexibility important in a hockey stick?

Flexibility is important to a hockey stick as it provides an extra flick to the puck when taking a slap shot or snap shot which further provides more speed.

Does compression apparel stop hockey gear rash or gunk?

Not necessarily. The most important action to take is to remove all hockey gear from your hockey bag when you get home and hang it up to dry.

Why is hockey so important to british?

because it's the only one we can do.

Why hockey is more important?

Because it is the greatest sport of all time.

Why is lacrosse important to Canada?

Lacrosse is alot like hockey so during the summer all the hockey players switch to lacrosse

Why is hockey so populer in Canada?

Hockey is important to Canada because we invented it and it is a cold weather sport and we usually have cold weather except in summer.

How does gravity affect hockey?

The most important effect of gravity in hockey is that it keeps the ball on or close to the ground. For that matter it also keeps the players on the ground.

How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.