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Q: What is highest spider solitaire score?
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What is the highest possible score for spider solitaire?

I have scored 1200 a couple times and I'm pretty sure no move was wasted.

What is the highest score in Klondike solitaire?

Klondike on Android.....725 and can't get past that score 743 is my highest.

When you play spider solitaire is your score supposed to be high or low?

Well the score doesn't matter you have to complete it in the least amount of moves

How do you add Microsoft spider solitaire in window 7 professional?

spider solitaire

How do you improve spider solitaire score?

In Spider solitaire points are counted off for hints and each move you make. The simplest way to hike up your score is to try and make as few moves as possible and not use the hints

How do you get spider solitaire back?

Spider Solitaire website ( ) allows to download a free collection of 5 Spider Solitaire variations, including: Coleopter, Simple Simon, Spider, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suits.

Play Spider Solitaire for free?

Spider Solitaire should be included on your computer if you are using a PC. Otherwise there are many freeware versions online you can find by searching "spider solitaire" on Google.

How can you download spider solitaire?

You can download spider solitaire by accessing one of many gaming websites on the Internet. Choose a website like Spider Solitaire online and then click on the download button.

What solitaire game included in 1990 on windows?

Spider Solitaire

Where can a person find free spider solitaire games?

There are a variety of places where one can find and play spider solitaire online. This includes the website of the same name "Spider Solitaire" as well as "Solitaire Bliss". Gametop as well as Great Day games also allows one to play Spider Solitaire for free online.

Where might one go online to play Spider Solitaire?

An individual can play Spider Solitaire online on gaming websites. You can also play Spider Solitaire online on greatdaygames, pogo, freeplaysolitaire, and playsolitaire.

How can you win seven games without scoring any goals?

You score the points Take up chess, bridge, hearts, spider solitaire, etc