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eagle i think

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2011-05-23 00:31:25
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Q: What is highest score in golf called?
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Is eagle the highest score in golf?

no you couldr get a hole in one

Does the person with the highest score wins in golf?

No, usually the person with the lowest score wins golf. The score counts how many hits you take to get the golf ball into the goal, and it is better to take fewer strokes.

What is the highest golf score for a round of golf?

Theoretically, the "highest" score (and thereby the worst possible score) is infinite. In practice, most amateurs limit a hole's score to 10 strokes, making the maximum carded score (score written on a score card) 180 (or +108 on a par-72 course).

What is the highest winning score in a golf major?

328 at the 1918 us open

What is birdle used in golf?

A birdie is a golf score. Each hole has a par score. If you do it in one less it is called a birdie.

Is a double eagle the highest score in golf?

Technically the "lowest" score on a given hole. 3 under par for a hole.

In golf a score of three on a par five is called an what?


In which sport can you score a birdie?

Golf. Golf.

How do you score a golf outing?

If you have a group of golfers together for a golf event, you can score it how you like.

What is the standered score on a golf score?


What is the highest score for bookworm?

what is the highest score on bookworm

In which sport is the stableford scoring system used?

Stableford is a scoring system used in golf. It involves scoring points based on results at each hole. Unlike normal golf, where the object is to have the lowest score, in Stableford rules the objective is to have the highest score.

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