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Q: What is he premier top scorer beginning with u?
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What is the premier top scorer surname staring with U?


Who was the top football scorer in 2008?

man u

Who is the Leading goal scorers in epl 08-09?

Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Boot ( top goalscorer ) in the FA Premier League of the 2007 - 2008 season, scoring a total of 31 goals for Manchester United.

What football team is at the top of the premier league now?

Man u won the legue in 2009 And 2008 finishing top

Liverpool how many time they won premier league?

Liverpool have not yet won the premier league there have only been 4 teams that have Blackburn, Man U, Chelsea, and Arsenal. Liverpools 18 titles were when the top division was known as Division 1

How many times has Man U won premier?

Manchester United have won the Premier League 13 times.

Which players have played for more than one of the top 4 premier league teams?

Heskey, Leicester city, Liverpool, Birmingham and wigan.

US state beginning with U?

Utah, is the only state beginning with the letter U.

Band beginning with letter you?

One band beginning with U is U-2.

What is Carlos Vela known for?

Carlos Vela is a Mexican soccer player. He plays the position of striker for Real Sociedad. He also plays for the Mexico National Team and was the top scorer at the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship.

What place did Man U finish in 0506 in the Premier League?


What are the premier league team names?

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