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I will state the facts. I will be representing the fact that Baseball is in fact harder than softball, in theory and fact. So if you're one of the softball feminists above, stop reading! It may help you to know when to stop some day;

Through scientific facts and shows via trustworthy and untrustworthy sites (like this one), throughout them all they all state baseball is in fact harder. This doesn't make it cooler, this doesn't make it "better" or "only for men" or anything (sorry had to put that in to keep feminists off my back), but just provides the information that its harder to hit a baseball. Many shows have been made off this controversy and all have resulted in baseball being harder. I've done some research and noticed that YouTube is in fact NOT a good source for any kind of information, because it has a video 10 minutes long that's part of a 30 minute Discovery Channel show, that results in softball being harder (because it was ONLY 10 minutes of the show, not the full 30 minutes... The end of the real show resulted in a baseball being harder to hit). The best way to tell if a source is real or not is by seeing if it gets both points of view. i.e. If they test a baseball player trying to hit a softball, they have to test a softball player trying to hit a baseball, which few people notice and/or do. The main reason woman do softball is because its easier (that doesn't mean softball is woman only, or baseball being man only, that's just plain sexist). Through the history, the above statement has been proven (do your research!). The average reaction time required to hit a baseball is .2 seconds for a 90 mph fastball effectively 60ft from the home plate(source: (though 'untrustworthy,' look at his source, which is trustworthy), whereas to hit a softball at 60mph (40ft away from the plate, which equalizes through proportional reasoning) is .45454545454.... (etc) seconds to hit. Major difference, even if it is so little. I've covered a lot of the minor points, and at least one major point, so please add to my reasoning versus the feminists. Thanks for reading!

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Q: What is harder - baseball or softball?
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Is a softball harder than a baseball?


Is softball of baseball the harder sport to play?

softball is so much harder! baseball is such a wimpy spot for guys.. there pitching is just like throwing.. so yea softball is harder.. so all the guys out there who think baseball is harder DIE

How do softball and baseball differ?

Baseball is played with a smaller and harder ball than softball, hence the term SOFTball.

Which ball is harder a baseball or a softball?

baseball in my mind. Jrc

Is a Softball harder than a Cricket ball?

A cricket ball is much harder then a softbal and a baseball

Is softball harder than baseball?

Softball is probably harder. Despite the name, a softball is harder than a baseball, and heavier (therefore harder to hit very far). Because of this, the batter must run to the base quicker as the ball will be closer. Plus, in fastpitch softball, the pitches can be as fast (or faster)than baseball pitches.

How is baseball harder than softball?

baseball is harder, because the ball is smaller. Witch makes it harder to hit the ball.

Is a softball softer than a baseball?

no, its harder one of my favorite softball quotes~ "If softball were so easy, we'd call it baseball" also its harder to hoit something with only .250 seconds to react then baseball with .375 seconds to react proving softball is harder and cheering is fun and nice sooo....

What's the difference between a baseball and a softball?

A basball is smaller and is harder than a softball.

What are the differences between a softball and a baseball?

a softball is larger, and most of the time harder. a baseball is used in mens baseball, as to a softball is used in womens. hope i helped,

What is the difference between Major League Baseball and major league softball?

A baseball is smaller and harder than a softball.

What is better baseball or softball?

Baseball is much more harder than soft plus softball is played by females

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