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Q: What is hammer use for?
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What hammer is the hammer that you use with brads?

A brad hammer or upholsterers hammer.

What is the use of hammer?

The use of hammer is to pound the nail.

What do you use to hammer a nail?

a hammer

Use hammer in a sentence?

If I had a hammer, I would hammer in the morning. I need to hammer the loose nails back in. There are some concerns with the contract that we need to hammer out.

What do you call the hammer like use in court?


How do you use to hammer in a sentence using personification?

The hammer talked to the nail.

How do you get the hammer in phantom hourglass?

you get the hammer in mutohs use that hammer to defeat the boss "EOX"

Did Thor use a hammer or mallet?

A hammer did you see the avengers??

What is the functional use of a Warrington hammer?

It is a light carpenters hammer.

Can you use a rotary hammer drill bit in a hammer drill?

If it fits in the chuck straight, yes you can use it. It will be much more effective in a rotary hammer drill though.

What type of simple machine does a hammer use?

A claw hammer (or even a rip hammer) uses a wedge and a lever.

Is a rock hammer an example of technology?

Technology is the use of applied science. So when you use a rock hammer you are applying science to it.

Why did your hammer get crossed out on Zelda hourglass?

You can't use the hammer while on stairs.

What is a hammer crusher or hammer mill?

A hammer crusher or hammer mill is a machine which crushes brittle materials such as limestone or coal, etc. through the use of high speed hammers.

How does the back of a hammer work?

The way to use the back of a hammer is to place a sticking up nail in the back corner of the the hammer, than place the head of the hammer on the ground. finely pull the handle of the hammer away from the nail.

What are some safety rules when using a hammer?

Watch your fingers, and dont have your face and the hammer in a direct line. Don't use a 1 lb. hammer for a 10 lb. job.(claw hammer as opposed to sledge hammer)

Why is the hammerhead shark the hammerhead shark?

It's head is hammer shaped. It does not use its head like a hammer.

Can you use a hammer to build a deck or do you need a screwdriver?

A hammer, a saw, and a level will be required.

Why did Hephaestus use a hammer?

Nobody knows for sure. But since Hephaestus is the god of blacksmiths, forges and etc., you could probably infer that he uses a hammer cause blacksmith people usually use hammer as their tool.

What does a carpenter use?


How do you remove a 1993 tempo console armrest?

if you don't plan on using it again, you could use a hammer. If a hammer doesn't cut it, you can use a sledge hammer. Just be careful not to break any windows on your back-swing.

What replaced the hammer?

Nothing has replaced the hammer. Many of us still have several and will use them forever.

When and who invented hammer?

The hammer has been in use for over two and a half million years. It's not known who specifically invented it as they were in use before writing.

What geologist might use?

They would use a rock hammer.

Why is the hammerhead shark so called?

It's head is hammer shaped. It does not use its head like a hammer.