What is half a fly?

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The term in Rugby is Fly Half. It is also called Half Back.

In the union code this player is number 10 in league its number 6 and is a link between the scum half (their half back partner) and the backs (wings and centres) - Their role is normally to make play judgements as to whether the ball is passed across the backs or is kicked for position. This person normally will take kick off, restart games from a kick off, take penalty kicks and conversion kicks

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Q: What is half a fly?
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What is a fly-half?

A fly-half is a rugby player who is normally the first receiver of the ball from the scrum half after a scrum.

What number does the fly half wear in rugby union?

Fly half traditional wears the number 10 jersey

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The 1st England scrum half was Josh Young

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What does the fly half do in rugby union?

The Fly Half also known as the outside half works in tandem with the scrum half. These two make up the Half back positions. Their role is to control when the ball is passed to the centres and wings. They have to identify opportunities to run the ball along the back line or to kick in to space behind the opposing rush defence. They also have the main goal kicking responsibilities as well as kicking penalties. They also command the line so that backs do not stray offside at scrummage's. The fly half is the main target for the open-side flanker who will break from a scum and head toward the fly half to close down their attack.

What position does johnny wilkinson play in?

He played fly-half (out-half) mostly. He also played as inside centre.

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Aaron Cruden

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Dan Carter (NZL)

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