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one half of a Chess board

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Q: What is half a chess set' called?
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What is half of a chess set called?

one half of a Chess board

What is Japanese chess?

The Japanese variant of chess is called Shogi and is played on a different board with a different set of rules.

When was Staunton chess set created?

Staunton chess set was created in 1849.

What makes the Lord of the Rings chess set different?

The Lord of the Rings chess set is different to a normal chess set. The pieces of the chess set, rook, knight etc, are all featured on Lord of the Rings characters.

What is the 3 letter word for chess pieces?

Set, a Chess set.

How do you set traps in chess kombat on Mortal Kombat unchained?

to set a trap, click on a space on your half of the field (thats not a power space). it's that easy :)

What chess piece did Hermione take the place of in McGonagall's giant chess set?

Hermione took the Queen on McGonagall's giant chess set.

What is the density of a chess piece?

Where is the density of a Chess piece

Why isn't there a Harry Potter chess set with the characters from the series?

There is a wizards chess set but It's hard to find

What are some ways one can find chess games for free?

If an online resource is required there is website called Chess which offers many free chess games. If you want a real life game, many households have a chess set tucked away and people willing to play with you.

What do you get a 9 year old?

Buy him or her a chess set, and teach him (or her) how to play chess.

How much is a normal chess set?

It depends on the materials and such. An average chess set is about $20.