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Up to the Athens 2004 Olympics, the gymnast was awarded a score on each apparatus out of a maximum of 10.0 points. That means that if the gymnast performed a difficult enough routine, with no flaws, they would receive a score of 10.0. However, the code of points changed just before the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The gymnast's score on each apparatus is now made up of two separate scores: the 'A' score and the 'B' score. The 'A' score is the difficulty value of the routine, and has no maximum value or limit. The harder the routine, the higher the A score. The A score starts at 0 and value is added on for each skill performed. The highest A scores are around the 7.8 mark. The 'B' score is the execution score, and is marked out of 10. For each fault the gymnast makes, the judges deduct from the 10 marks. (For example, if a gymnast falls from the beam, 0.8 is deducted from the B score.) The final score is obtained from the A score, added to the B score. The all-around score is obtained from all of the apparatus scores added together. Hope that makes sense, and was of some help to you :) I am not sure about Men's Gymnastics, but this information is current for Women's Artistic Gymnastics.

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Q: What is gymnastics marked out of?
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