What is gymnastic eqipment?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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There are women's and men's gymnastics equipment. Me being a girl gymnast, I only know about the women's apparatuses. Women compete in four events, floor, vault, balance beam, and uneven bars. The floor is basically a piece of wood with carpet over it and springs under it. You have music that you have to do a routine to. The music is usually one to one and a half minutes long. The higher level you are, the longer your music will have to be. Vault is simple. There's a vault runway, springboard, and a vault table. A vault runway is a thick piece of hard foam you run on. A springboard is something you jump off of. You use a vault table (for women's gymnasts level five and up) to push your hands off of and do flips in the air. Beam is probably the hardest event to perform but the easiest to describe. A beam is a sixteen foot long piece of wood that is four inches wide and usually covered in leather. The uneven bars are, well, uneven! At my gym, you have to get something called grips once you get to level five. Grips are think piece of leather that is about two inches wide and runs all the way down your hands. Grips help you grab the bar. There are rumors that grips help to keep your hands from blistering and then ripping, but let me assure you that this is NOT true. I am a BIG gymnast, so if you need more advice, just ask!

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Q: What is gymnastic eqipment?
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