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Q: What is good bye in flemish?
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How do you say good bye in Belgium?

Belgium has 3 languages: French, Flemish and German. It all depends on what part of the country you are in. In French you say "au revoir," in Flemish you say "salukes" and in German you say "auf wiedersehen."

How do you say 'Good Bye' in Canadian?

good bye or bye

What is the difference between 'bye-bye' and 'good-bye'?

Good-bye is more formal than bye-bye. Bye-bye, now.

How do you use good-bye in a sentence?

I did not get to say good-bye to my friend. Good-bye Jack!

How do you say good day in Flemish?


What is good bye in Korea?

what is good bye in korea

Difference between 'bye-bye' and 'good-bye'?

bye bye and good bye are the same thing except that you are putting good in front of it Good bye is more formal, used with those people with whom you may not be familiar - it is more polite. Bye Bye is fine for friends, neighbours and relations, in other words, an informal good bye

How do you say bye bye in India?

good bye

How do they say good- bye in France?

Aurevoir. A bientôt. But if you say "good bye" or "bye bye" everyone understands you.

How to say good-bye if your colleague quit?


What is good bye in spanish?

Good bye in spanish is Adios!

How do you say good evening in flemish?

Goede avond

How do they say Bye in Bahrain?

good bye

How do you say good bye in Moldova?


How do you say good bye in chichewa?


How do you say good bye in Hindu?

How do you say good bye in Hindu?

How do you spell the word good bye in spanish?

Good-bye is adíos.


Good-bye in Greek is ฮ‘ฮฝฯ„ฮฏฮฟ.

How do you say good-bye?

To say good-bye in tagalog.. You can either say "Paalam" (PaUHlam). Paalam means good-bye in tagalog.

Good bye in hawaiian?

it is aloha. it means good bye and also hello

How do you say good bye in polish?

Good bye in the Polish language is: Do widzenia.

When was Good-Bye to All That created?

Good-Bye to All That was created in 1929.

How do you say goodbye in Thai?

La korn = Good bye or bye bye

What does the word bye mean?

"Bye" is short for good-bye, which means farewell.

How do you say hello and good-bye in spanish?

Hello=Hola Good-bye=Adiós