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Q: What is golds origin of name or symbol?
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What is golds elemental symbol?

Golds elemental symbol is: Au

What is golds atomic symbol?

The atomic symbol for gold is AU.

What is uranium's symbol origin?

The name and the symbol (U) of uranium are derived from the name of the planet Uranus.

What is the origin of argon's name and symbol?

the origin is in the manufacture wich causes a name from the elements name which is greek after your elders.the symbol represents the nerv system in your brain to refuncton a tomor.

What is the origin for the of symbol for gold?

From the Latin name aurum.

What is the origin of the symbol of gold?

From the Latin name aurum.

What is the origin of the silver symbol?

Name Origin: From the Old English word seolfor(silver)Symbol Origin: From the Latin word argentum(silver)Date of Discovery: Known to the ancients

What is the origin of the symbol for the following element tungsten?

The symbol for tungsten is W and it comes from wolfram which is another name for tungsten.Also the ore of tungsten is wolframite with could be the origin of the chemical symbol.

The origin name of gold?

The symbol or chemical formula is Ag

What is the origin of the symbol of technetium?

The chemical symbol of technetium - Tc- is formed by two letters from the name.

Origin of name or symbol of chromium?

The name of chromium (symbol Cr) is derived from the Greek language word chroma with the meaning color.

What is the origin name for gold?

The Latin name for gold is aurum, which gives it its symbol Au.