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Q: What is goalkeeper Jorge Campos height?
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Who is the best Mexican goalkeeper?

Jorge Campos is the best

Who was mexicos goalkeeper in 1994 world cup?

Mexico goalkeeper in 1994 was Jorge Campos.

Who was the goalie for the Mexico soccer team on 1994?

The Mexican goalkeeper in the 1994 world cup was Jorge Campos.

Interesting fact about Mexico's football team?

Their goalkeeper played for five world cups in a row. And another goalkeeper Jorge Campos would change position from a goalie to a midfielder.

What is Jorge Campos's birthday?

Jorge Campos was born on October 15, 1966.

When was Jorge Campos born?

Jorge Campos was born on October 15, 1966.

When was Jorge Luis Campos born?

Jorge Luis Campos was born on 1970-08-11.

How old is Jorge Campos?

Jorge Campos is 44 years old (birthdate: October 15, 1966).

What has the author Jorge Lucio de Campos written?

Jorge Lucio de Campos has written: 'A maneira negra'

Who is the Mexican goalie who really stirred things up by wearing bright colors on the soccer field?

That would most probably be Jorge Campos, who was the Mexican international goalkeeper in World Cup 94 and 98.

Who was the Mexican goalie who wore neon colors?

Jorge Campos.

Quien es el portero mas perron?

Jorge Campos