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Gender bias is sexual discrimination. It's basically either a man or a woman not being able to participate in a certain sport, or play on a certain team, due to their gender.

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What is example of bias?

bias is gender biased, it favors a certain gender over another

Why there is gender bias?

wha is gender senstivity

What was the Gender bias of cricket?


An example of cultural or gender bias?

Gender bias is when a man earns more money than a woman doing the same job.

Identify all pronoun problems (agreement/gender bias) in the following sentence?

The pronoun shows gender bias -Apex

What are examples of gender bias?

Job, religion

What sentence most likely contains an example of cultural or gender bias?

Gender bias is when one is slanted toward a particular gender because they identify with it. Cultural bias is the same concept applied to cultures - one has a preferred culture because they identify as a member of that culture.

What is the word for 'gender bias'?

The word is, surely, sexism.

How does gender affect religion?

Gender doesn't affect religion at all. If gender did affect religion it would be totally Bias. Well, there is your answer on "does gender affect religion."

Gender in sport?

i think it mean i'm not sure but i think it means people with different gender doing sport.

What terms shows gender bias?

Businessman is biased. Professional or executive is bias free.Foreman is biased. Supervisor is bias free.Girl Friday is biased. Clerk is bias free.Newsman is biased. Journalist is bias free.Stewardess is biased. Flight attendant is bias free.

Why is badminton a sport that can be enjoyed regardless of gender strength or age?

why is badminton a sport that can be enjoyed regardless of gender strength or age

How does gender bias affect Creon in 'Antigone'?

It is in his opinions that gender bias affects Creon in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, gender bias refers to prejudice against someone for being female or male. Theban King Creon disdains women. He describes them as all alike and completely replaceable in their one use for society.

What gender dominates the sport?


Is there a gender bias for a job as a project managers?

No. Most organizations these days don't have any gender bias while recruiting for the role of project managers. It is unethical and even illegal to deprive someone a job based on their gender. So, I don't think any company would do it.

What is called a men who sees different women at one time?

Gender bias

What is an example of gender bias?

Elizabeth was the first female banker in our state. Apexvs

Can men give women herpes?

Herpes has no gender bias, so yes.

What does gender bias mean?

It means different treatment because of gender: unfair difference in the treatment of men or women because of their sex.

How do you remove gender bias?

Description text should avoid the use of his/her or he/she and instead use their, they, you etc.

What gender has a higher percentage of participation in sport?


What is bias in sampling?

a person taking a survey to find the percent of sport fans who chose baseball as their favorite sport might get a biased sample

Each student must bring his own notebook and writing utensil?

The pronoun shows gender bias

Is lacrosse a girls or boys sport?

Lacrosse is a boy and girl sport but is played differently for each gender

Is there gender equity in tennis?

Is there gender EQUALITY in anything? As far as gender equity, I would assume it would be how much he/she puts themselves into the sport of tennis...