What is gabion armour?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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It's a form of hard engineering. it's rocks aligned in metal cages used to stop erosion from the sea damaging the coast.

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Q: What is gabion armour?
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How much does a gabion wall cost?

its usually about £60 to £100 per gabion

What is gabion?

they absorb wave energy

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Where the Gabion walls are used?

Gabion walls are used to prevent erosion on shorelines, stream banks, and slopes. They are also used as retaining walls, temporary flood walls and silt filtration for some dams, lining channels and river training. Gabion walls are also often used on small streams as fish barriers and to direct the flow of flow water in a different direction.

For what purpose would one use a gabion?

Designs similar to gabions are used in many civil engineering projects such as dams. A person may use them to help with erosion control on their property. The main difference between what a gabion is used for is what it is made out of.

Where do gabions originate from?

Early gabions originated in Italy. The word gabion comes from the Italian word "gabbione" meaning "big cage". Leonardo da Vinci designed an early version of a gabion for the San Marco Castle, which he called a "Corbeille Leonard".

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