What is free diving?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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free diving is where a group or one person goes into the sea and dives; without a oxygen tank. they then proceed to go as far down as they can and the one who goes the furthest down wins. free divers are required to have a good lung capacity and as healthy body, it is advised NOT to try this, free divers are proffesionals and have had many years of training. Many risks can be taken for example; too much pressure on your heart and body causing breakages, heart attacks and of course drowning. It is advised that you have a doctor or someone with a medical qualification to be present at events to ensure the safety of free divers.

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Q: What is free diving?
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Is skin diving and free diving the same thing?

Free diving is diving without scuba. Skin diving means diving without a wetsuit or scuba. Since you can free dive without a wetsuit they can be the same thing but they are not necessarily always the same thing.

Where can one go to take free diving lessons?

One can go to take free diving lessons through Australian Freediving Academy and Open Freediving course in United Kingdom. Free diving is also available at a South Florida diving school.

What is the advantage of free diving?

No one knows

Is free diving almost always illegal?


What is less dangerous cave diving rock climbing cave diving or free falling?

Rock climbing because you have multiple safety straps. Cave diving, nothing protects you, free falling has really obvious risks.

What are the release dates for Flipper - 1995 Free Diving 4-10?

Flipper - 1995 Free Diving 4-10 was released on: USA: 4 December 1999

What is the name of the sport that involves holding your breath and that is very dangerous?

free diving diving without oxygen masks and stuff

Why does Tom Daley like diving?

because it makes him feel free

Where are some popular free diving locations?

There are many free diving locations situated around the world. However, some of the most popular locations include; Dahab in Egypt, Vancouver in Canada and the Ukraine.

Where can one find free shipping on diving equipment?

You can find free shipping for a selection of diving equipment if you order form Divers Direct website. Also, for orders over $100 you can also get free shipping from Joe Diver America website.

How does AFF relate in terms of sky diving?

AFF stands for accelerated free fall. AFF is one sky diving training method. If you choose AFF as your sky diving training method, you can be cleared sooner for solo sky diving than if you choose other sky diving training methods.

What is dengerous about free diving?

What is dangerous about free diving is that if you loose your breath while you are down there than you can drown so make sure that you are good at holding your breath and that there are no sharks or any dangerous fish around other than that you should be good!