What is fouling?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Fouling, (v). 1. The action of walking, sitting, skipping, or otherwise being on railroad tracks. 2. The action of traveling to various locations and "fouling" them with your presence, not necessarily in a negative sense. 3. Changing or marking books while reading them. 4. Anything that can be done with an orange.

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a foul is a gross thing. or it could be a foul in Basketball, but im gonna talk about a different kind of foul.. A foul is sometimes a stench. i know someone who IS a foul. nvm..

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Q: What is fouling?
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What type fouling occurs immediately following an overdue tune-up?

Splash fouling.

What is the synonym of polluters?


What is SI Unit of fouling factor?

Chm2/kj Refer to Uconeer - Unit Conversion for Engineers, or Hysys, Fouling Factor SI unit for fouling factor is m2K/kW Imperial unit is hr.ft.oF/Btu

Why is ammunition jacketed?

Reduces barrel fouling

What has the author A R LeBlanc written?

A. R. LeBlanc has written: 'Fouling organisms in a mussel cultivation bay' -- subject(s): Mussels, Marine fouling organisms, Nutrition

What has the author L N Santhakumaran written?

L. N. Santhakumaran has written: 'Studies on the marine fouling and wood-boring organisms of the Trondheimsfjord (Western Norway)' -- subject(s): Marine borers, Marine fouling organisms 'Vertical distribution of fouling and woodboring organisms in Trondheimsfjorden (western Norway)'

Why is your dirt bike fouling plugs?

I have a kx 250 dirt bike that keeps fouling plugs on start up. I rejetted it but that still didn't solve the problem. What could be the Problem?

What is fouling factor this factor used in heat exchangers?

Fouling factor is essentially used in determining the efficiency of the heat exchangers. Fouling factor is obtained from service (product) on either side of tubes and material of tubes. It basically represents corrosion of heat exchangers tubes which affects efficiency of heat transfer.

Does the bore snake really remove copper fouling completely?


How do you spell pulushan?

The correct spelling is pollution (contamination or fouling).

Why shipworms are referred as fouling organism?

A fouling organism is defined as an organism that attaches itself to underwater parts of a boat or structure. Shipworms attach to wood and drill holes in it, damaging the wood.

Why does your truck back fire?

your timing may be off or plugs are fouling