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a foul is a gross thing. or it could be a foul in Basketball, but im gonna talk about a different kind of foul.. A foul is sometimes a stench. i know someone who IS a foul. nvm..

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Q: What is foul?
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How do you say foul in french?

foul as in; foul smell: nauseabond, infect, sale foul as in; foul play: jeu deloyal (malveillance)

When is a personal foul not a team foul in basketball?

When it is an offensive foul.

What is an alternative Homophone for foul?

Foul (as in foul ball) and fowl (as in a bird)

What determines whether a foul is a personal foul and a team foul?

If it is offsides its a team foul if its charging or illegal contact to another player its a personal foul

When a technical foul is called does it also count as a personal foul and a team foul?

yes because it is a type of foul

What is unsportsmanlike foul?

Tech Foul

Is blocking a violation or a foul?

a foul!

What is a snooker foul called?

A foul.

What are the three fouls for volleyball?

technical foul fragrant foul personal foul

Is a technical foul a team foul?

No it's when you foul Someone without touching him .

What is the antonym for foul?

Usually fair is given as the antonym for foul, as in foul play, foul weather, etc. There are many others, however, as there are several definitions of foul to begin with.

In baseball if a ball is a foul and rolls back into play is it still a foul?

Yes. Once a ball is called a foul, it remains a foul. It can not become anything besides a foul.

Who says fair is foul and foul is fair?

The Three Witches say, "fair is foul and foul is fair" in the play MacBeth by Shakespeare.

Can you be called out on four foul balls?

Only if 1) the fourth foul is caught in the air, or 2) the fourth foul is bunted foul.

How many fouls can they get in basketball?

Depends on the level. In high school and college, you foul out on your fifth foul. In the NBA, you foul out on your sixth foul.

Can you get a foul in softball?

You can not get a foul but you can hit a foul ball when the ball is hit outside of the lines.

What is a sentence that has foul and fowl in it?

foul-a child is a foul act fowl-i don't know

What is a sentence that has a foul and fowl in it?

foul-a child is a foul act fowl-i don't know

Is foul a noun?

Yes, the word foul is a noun (foul, fouls), a verb(foul, fouls, fouling, fouled), and an adjective (foul, fouler, foulest). Examples:Noun: The referee called a foul.Verb: Take care with the fertilizer, it can foul the pond.Adjective: We don't allow foul language here.

Is catching a volleyball a foul?

Yes it is a foul

What is a foul in volleyball?

There is no such thing as a foul in volleyball.

What is a homophone for foul?

the homophone for foul is fowl

What is the homophone of foul?

The homophone for foul is..... FOWL.

Is clash of rackets in doubles a foul?

No its not a foul.

What is foul in volleyball?

There is no such thing as a foul in volleyball.