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it is when you are jumping and spiking.

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Q: What is force summation in playing volleyball?
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How does force summation apply to a volleyball serve?

force summation appiles to every sport

Which muscles are mainly used in force summation when prefroming the set shot in volleyball?

your fingers do most of the work when doing a set

How do you absorb force in a volleyball?

When the volleyball impacts on your hand, the volleyball's force will be absorbed.

How is summation of force apply to badminton?


What is summation in muscle physiology?

Force Summation in muscle physiology describes the addition of individual twitch contractions to increase the intensity of overall muscle contraction. There are two kinds of summation, Multiple fiber summation and Frequency summation.

How is force summation related to a badminton smash?

Force summation is the element required to produce the power required for the smash in badminton. The force summation is required sequentially due to the stages involved when generating the power for the smash, starting from the core of your body and eventually finishing with the flick of the wrist.

What is the difference between Sequential and simultaneous summation of force?


What controls the force of muscle contraction?

multimotor unit summation

The definition of net force?

The summation of all forces acting on a object.

How can Force Summation be related to boxing?

Force summation is the order in which you do an action. With boxing, the biggest muscles come first, so that is the thigh's, then the abs and so on, to the biceps which is the last power behind the fist.

What is the playing court in volleyball?

The court that you play volleyball on

What is force summation apply to throwing?

all fo the muscles are recruited to add more force to your throw

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