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A food vendor is someone who sells food.

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Q: What is food vendor?
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Related questions

What is a Food Vendor?

A Food Vendor is a company that sells wholesale food products that are a distributed in your local restaurant and deli's.

Who is a food vendor?

A food vendor is critic that has a very small nose and is very critical information about peacocks

How much money does the average food vendor earn at a concert?

An average food vendor makes from about 100 to 250 dollars a night.

Food vendor permit?

Many cities require one gets a food vendor permit before selling food items. These permits can usually be obtained through city offices.

You owe 690.00 to a food vendor should you pay a collection agency?

No pay the vendor. If you pay the collection agency they will extract a fee from the payment and you will still owe the vendor

How do you become a food vendor for the Anaheim convention center?

== ==

What is the name of the person who carries a tray of food or drinks for sale at the football or movies?

Food vendor

What is the average income of a food vendor at Yankee Stadium?


Where can I get a Food vendor permit in new york?

Clerk of courts, I believe it was 50.00.

What is the meaning of ambulant vendor?

Ambulant means walking; vendor means a small-scale seller of goods, mainly food. So an ambulant vendor is a person who walks around selling things, like a hot-dog guyat a sports game or a pop-corn seller at a cinema.

What's the best POS equipment for a small food stand business?

Vendor approved POS systems like True POS are flexible and affordable for a small food stand business.

Where can you buy quiznos sauce?

go to the store and ask the franchise owner is you may purchase a pack, it is ordered from merchants food service the quiznos approved food vendor

Who invented pav bhaji?

It appears that Pav bhaji came from a food vendor serving the textile mill workers in Mumbai India. The mill workers were not given enough time for a full meal at lunch times and so the snack was developed as a light meal was preferred over a large meal considering the time constraints. The food vendor who developed this dish used items from his standing menu. It is unlikely that history recorded the name of that vendor.

Where can I buy or rent a food truck?

There are many vendors that will sell or rent food trucks online. One great example of a vendor that you can buy or rent and lease a food truck from is called Prestige food trucks.

A person who sells newspaper?

From a shop a newsagentFrom the street a vendor

Who takes charge of the sale of goods in public?


Is Food Vendor a proper noun?

No, food vendor is not a proper noun. While it may be capitalized as a work position, it is not the name of a person, place, or thing.Positions are sometimes only capitalized when used as titles (President Obama is a president), but a specific position is capitalized when paired with a proper noun (Speaker of the House of Representatives). Titles such as manager and supervisor and head vendor would not qualify.

How is ribosomes like a zoo?

Ribosomes produce proteins. In a zoo, ribosomes would most likely be a food vendor.

What is the possessive noun for vendor?

The possessive form of the noun vendor is vendor's.Example: His cart prominently displayed a vendor's license.

How do you abbreviate Vendor?


What is the abbreviation for vendor?


Where can you get a food vendor permit in New York city?

NYC Dept. of Health, 125 Worth St. NY. 10013

How do you buy a training dummy on the sims 3?

in the forbidden city.... there you ccan see three vendors.... they sell different things like book , food and relic..... when you go upstairs there was a another vendor.... the 4th vendor and there you can buy martial arts material

What is the difference between street foods and junk foods?

Some street food is junk food. Street food is anything you can buy from a vendor that doesn't have a building or a permanent store or restaurant but sells from a cart or truck. Junk food is any food that isn't a healthy choice.

What is Wholesaling of food?

to sale food in bulk for a cheap price as apposed to buying it individually , for example . i can go to a vendor and get 25 pounds of collard greens and resale it at my desired price for profit .