What is flicking hockey?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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it's basically when you put the stick almost completely underneath the ball but don't put it too far under, and then you flick up the hockey stick up so the ball goes up into the air. i hope this helped you!

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Q: What is flicking hockey?
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How do you shoot a hockey puck?

by flicking your wrist' and motioning your arms forward

How is the ball moved in hockey?

Usually by dribbling, pushing, hitting or flicking. There are several ways to do each.

How was hockey though up?

Canadian farm girls on skates with sticks flicking cow dung around

Why was the field hockey head made shorter?

Better manoeuvrability; dribbling, hitting and flicking are all easier with a smaller stick head.

Why do field hockey sticks have grips?

It allows the player better control of their stick when dribbling, hitting, pushing, flicking and generally using their stick at all.

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How do you do a flick pass in field hockey?

In field hockey it is mostly to do with the area of the ball you position your stick on and the flicking of the wrist. To practice try and stand side on to the ball with your hands three quarters down the stick and just use your wrists to flick the ball off the ground. Try and use the bottom of the ball as this will gain the most height. It takes a while to get it.

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