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It is now called Yahtzee!

5 consecutive strikes in Bowling is called a 5-bagger.

There are no special names for strikes other than hambone/double for two consecutive strikes, turkey for three consecutive strikes, and clover for four consecutive strikes. Anything after that is call a "x bagger." X = the number of consecutive strikes thrown. For example. If you threw seven strikes in a row, it would called a seven bagger.

5 bagger

In bowling if a person were to get 3 strikes in a row, at anytime in a game, that's called a " Turkey ". 5 strikes in row is called a " Goose " , 10 in a row is a "swan" and ,
12 in row is of course a " perfect game ".

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It is called a '5-bagger' or 'ham bone'


There is no offical term, but I call it a 5-Pack.

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5 strikes in a row in bowling is called a "Lamb Shank"

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5 bagger.

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Q: What is five consecutive strikes in bowling called?
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What are five consecutive strikes called?

Most people refer five consecutive strikes as a five bagger.

What is 8 strikes in a row called in bowling?

Five Strikes in a row in Bowling is a Brot. Coming from the term of the number of Brots that come in a package. Six Strikes in a row in Bowling is a Six Pack Seven Strikes in a row in Bowling is a T-Bone Eight is a Sir Loin Nine is a prime rib Ten Is a Double Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner.

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What is a bagger in bowling?

Answer One: A bagger in bowling refers to the number of strikes in a row someone has. For example if someone had five strikes in a row, they had a five bagger in their game. Most people don't start using the term bagger until the fourth or fifth frame because two in a row is called a double, three in a row is called a turkey and since Rob Stone has been commentating on ESPN's showings of the PBA, a four bagger is often called a hambone. Answer Two: A Sand Bagger is one who does not bowl to the best of their ability all of the time, to keep their average lower and increase their handicap. Many bowlers look at this as a form of cheating since they consider it unsportsman like.

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What Good score 5 pin bowling?

A perfect score/game in Bowling is a 300. It occurs when you get 12 strikes in a row. Yes, there are only 10 Frames, but if you get a strike in the last frame (10th Frame), you get two more shots.

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