What is ffp in football?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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FFP stands for Fantasy Football Points, usually dealing with a fantasy football league.

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Q: What is ffp in football?
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What is the antidote of streptokinase?

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No, the only people who should receive type O FFP are people with type O blood. If someone (e.g., the donor) has type O- blood, that means that their red blood cells (RBCs) do not express the A/B/D antigens, which means that their plasma willcontain antibodies against those antigens. A B+ recipient has RBCs which express the B and D antigens, so if that person is given FFP from an O- donor, an incompatibility reaction will result.The thing to remember is that ABO typing is based on the RBC antigens, whereas antibodies are present (or not) in the plasma. So inasmuch as O- is the "universal donor", that's with respect to "PRBCs" (packed red blood cells, the form in which blood transfusions are given; whole-blood transfusion is not performed anymore). By the same token, AB+ is the universal recipient for RBCs. But the situation for FFP is exactly reversed: type AB+ is the universal donor for FFP, and O- is the universal recipient.

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sole source acquisition of $35 million FFP effort; price determined using cost analysis.

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