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A TLC Match is also known as a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match is a type of pro Wrestling match originating within the WWE. Tables and chairs are acquired instead of a ladder.

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Q: What is featured in a TLC match in the field of wrestling?
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Is Kevin Nash still wrestling in 2011?

Yes. He came back at Summerslam on August 14, 2011 and his last match was at TLC on December 19, 2011.

Why do Aj and John Cena hate each other?

because she cost him the tlc match at tlc

Who won the first TLC match?


How do you get a TLC match on WWE 2008?

i have no clue

What kind of TLC match where john Morrison vs drew mcintyre in?

Ladder match

Who has beatin the undertaker for the heavy wieghtbelt?

edge in a TLC match

Who wrestled at the first WWE TLC match for the number1 championship?

John Cena won the WWE Championship at TLC against Shemaus.

Is the TLC match real in the WWE?

tables,ladders,& chairs(TLC) matches are real in WWE.The most recent TLC match was at WWE Tables,Ladders,&Chairs between Jeri-Show and D-Generation-X with thw Unified Tag Team Championship on the line.

What is the difference between a TLC and a No Holds barred match?

A TLC Match [Tables, Ladders and Chairs] predominately uses the top three most popular wrestling weapons, Tables, Ladders and Chairs. The usual idea of a TLC match is to pit tag-teams against each other, to obtain something like a championship title. Although in recent years this has been implemented in singles competiton also. The use of weapons in such a case, has a large symbolisation towards Hardcore Matches, or even No-Holds barred. No Holds Barred matches is what it says, anything goes. These matches are usually fought between two wrestlers. They are usually more aggressive in storyline terms.

Who won the TLC match at one night stand?

Sadly Edge

How do you win a TLC match in WWE 2012?

by fighting back other wrestlers and be the champion of the match thats how you do in in year 2012

How do you unlock TLC match of WWE raw ultimate impact 2010?


Who won the WWE championship at WWE TLC 2010?

The winner for the match was The Miz.

Don't the duggars have an older daughter and grandchild that they don't see?

No. You are confusing the Duggars with a different family that was featured on TLC.

What are the predictions for TLC PPV?

TLC match for World Heavyweight title: Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho| TLC match for WWE title: John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. HHH| John Morrison vs. The Miz| Kane vs. Big Show| TLC match: Rey Mysterio vs. Batista| Kofi Kingston vs. RKO| Matt Hardy and R Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mcnytre|Mchelle Mccool vs. Melina| (Womens vs. Divas champion)

How do you win a TLC match in WWE?

u must render your opponent not able to answer 3 count....tlc means tables ladders and chairs....they r the only weapons allowed in matchor in the real wwe u have to grab the title off the ladder

What wrestler has never lost a match?

undertaker or edge because undertaker never lost in wreslemaina and edge never lost a TLC match

Who will win TLC 2012 sheamus vs big show chairs match?


Will cena be in the TLC match December 2010?

I wouldn't have thought so but anything is possible.

What are the most dangerous matches in wrestling?

ANSWERElimination ChamberHell In A CellInferno MatchTables Ladders and Chairs (TLC)Last Man Standing MatchBarbwire Rope MatchLadder MatchParking Lot BrawlHardcore MatchSteel CagePunjabi Prison MatchBuried Alive MatchNo Disqualification Match

How did DX become tag team partners and where?

Dx defeated Chris Jericho and the Bigshow in a TLC match at the pay per view TLC at Shawn michaels home town

What are the matches of s v r 2009?

cell match gantlet match inferno only for ps2 ps3 xbox 360 TLC and more

Who win at TLC match between john cena and wade berett?

John Cena won the match because he droped 23 chairs on to Wade Barrett

Who won the match between john cena and wade Barret at TLC chairs match?

John cena defeated Wade Barret at the TLC pay per view. He defeated him in a grueling match and in the end, put him through a table and had more than 20 chairs fall on the table sealing Barret below the table.

Who won the WWE chanpionship at TLC 2011?

The match for the WWE Title at TLC 2011 pay per view was a triple threat match between the champ CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. The match was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match and it lasted close to 20 minutes. In the end, CM Punk was able to successfully defend his title and left the pay per view as the WWE champion.