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Currently, John Baker holds the record at 8 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes, and 39 seconds in 2011.

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Q: What is fastest time the races has ever been run in iditarod?
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Where do the dog sled races take place?

Alaska. Ever hear of the Iditarod?

How many races has Usain Bolt won or lost?

Usain bolt has won 2200 races and lost none because he ios the fastest man ever

Have Iditarod race dogs ever been abused?

no. not that i know of. i watch it every year.

Have any of the racers ever been lost in the iditarod race?

never because they maybe have a map

What was the fastest time ever in Olympics?

The fastest time ever for the Men's 100 meter is 9.63 seconds. This was accomplished by Usain Bolt who has been dubbed the fastest man alive.

Did Heather Siirtola ever enter a dog sled race?

Yes She Has Been In the Iditarod 3 times

Who finished the Iditarod with the fastest time ever?

Currently, John Baker holds the record at 8 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes, and 39 seconds in 2011.

What is the fastest speed ever for the dogs in the Iditarod?

The actual speed of the sled dogs in the Iditarod varies from mile to mile, check point, to check point, race to race. However, the record for the fastest time any sled team has finished the Iditarod was set in 2002 by Martin Buser. He and his team completed the entire trip from Anchorage to Nome, 1,161 miles, in 8 days 22 hours 46 minutes and 2 seconds.

Has a women ever won the Iditarod?

Yes and the first woman to win the iditarod was libby riddles

Whats the fastest tvr that's been on Top Gear?

The fastest TVR that has ever been on top gear was the TVR cebera speed 12.

What is the fastest time the Derby has ever been run?

1.4 mins

Did Gary Paulsen ever win the Iditarod?

No, he did not.

Has Gary pulsen ever participated in a iditarod?


What is the fastest mile that has ever been run?

So far (1/09/08), the fastest mile ever run is 3:43.13 by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco.

What is the fastest a cheetah has ever been clocked going?

120 km/h

Where was racing invented?

ever since ancient times people had the need for speed. chariot races are about the beginning and top fuel drag racing is currently the fastest.

Who was the youngest musher to ever do Iditarod?

Dallas Seavey

Who is the fastest man ever?

the fastest person ever is usain bolt from jamaca

Who ran the fastest derby ever?

The fastest Kentucky Derby ever was run by Secretariat.

Fastest runner ever in a marrathon?

ben lowry is the worlds fastest runner ever

Who is ever fastest bowler of India?

The ever fastest Indian bowler is Ishant Sharma.

What is the fastest recorded speed ever on skeleton?

the fastest speed ever is 12874.97 mph

Who is the fastest person that ever lived?

The fastest person who ever lived is Usain bolt.

Who was the oldest person to ever complete the Iditarod?

Joe Redington

Who is the oldest person to ever complete in the Iditarod?

Jeff king